Ref Resources

Here are some of our favourite ref resources.


Zebrasclub is your one-stop-shop for all your equipment needs! They've got everything from helmets, to wall balls, to complete beginner referee kits. Ref Talk Radio fans can use the promo code RTR15 to save 15% on their next purchase!

While a focus is placed on the Winnipeg region, there are valuable resources for any official here! From positioning, to online courses, to first-hand stories and research, WPGrefs has a little something for everyone. Online courses are FREE to officials from any region (not just Winnipeg). All you need is internet access!

Scouting the Refs

Keep track of all things officiating! Find out which officials are working the big game, keep track of stats, videos, interviews, and more.

Team Stripes

Great video lessons, and an entire course if you want to invest some cash. They also have a podcast.